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Internet Explorer 7 problems

9 January 2007

At BDB Computer Systems we recently experienced various problems apparently arising from the installation of Internet Explorer 7.

Immediately after allowing Microsoft's automatic update to take place (replacing IE6 running on Windows XP Professional SP2) it was found that at various times the whole system slowed down, and at least one specific application simply ceased to function.

We restored the system back to the Windows Restore Point immediately prior to the IE7 update and all was well.

Some of our customers have subsequently experienced similar problems. Fortunately, restoring to a pre-IE7 Restore Point has always seemed to solve these "self-inflicted" problems.

It seems that once again Microsoft is using us (its long-suffering paying customers) as guinea pigs and unpaid software testers.

A quick search of the Internet reveals what appears to be many problems being reported from all over. Not least from Microsoft itself. For example, at there is a Microsoft article headed:-

Release Notes for Internet Explorer 7

These Release Notes give you information about installing Internet Explorer® 7 and contain information about known issues and possible workarounds for those issues.

It has to be said that this does not exactly inspire confidence in the product!

We have no doubt that, in due course, MS will address the more serious issues. And we are equally sure that there will be many users of IE7 who will experience no problems and will be more than happy with it.

However, for the time being we believe that, in all conscience, we have to advise our customers that if you allow Microsoft to update your Internet Explorer to version 7, then you do so entirely at your own risk. As with any new piece of software, at the very least you should be prepared to either uninstall IE7 or to restore your system back to an earlier point. Of course, if you are an adventurous soul and have plenty of time in which to experiment and test, then by all means go ahead.

You have been warned!

For those who have already upgraded.

If you've subsequently experienced any problems then we suggest you either uninstall IE7 or restore your Windows system to an earlier Restore Point.

If you haven't experienced any problems - well that's great and we're very happy for you.

If you don't feel confident about uninstalling or restoring, then you should visit your computer supplier. Who knows, they may even have an alternative solution for you.



Feedback - email to
Thank you for the advice. I had already tried and had to revert when Standard Bank Business Banking refused to work. However the way MS do their updates one has to be careful not to be a victim again!
-- KT

Many thanks for the rescue. In my ignorance I decided I needed to get Internet Explorer 7 so that I would be really up with the boys!

After I had loaded it, I could not connect to an internet web page at all, although I could use the e-mail. Fortunately by clicking on the Upgrade or Retrograde link in your e-mail I connected to the correct web page and took your advice and uninstalled No. 7 with a bit of trepidation, not sure if 6 would re-appear.

I am back to normal - many thanks. From now on Microsoft will have to give me guarantees that a programme has been effective for at least 5 years before I touch it!
-- LH

March 2007

Thank you very much for your warning. I downloaded IE7 and found that some things worked very slowly. I couldn't get some features to work at all and in the end called a computer technician. He 'rebuilt' my system at a cost in both time and money. I am now back on IE6 and find it very frustrating to be offered an upgrade only to find that I am better off with what I already have.
-- Jackie, New Zealand

November 2007

It seems as if my IE7 is acting up and I’m sending you this little story out of interest.

Yesterday, using Google and IE7, I visited a website. There was a page that I wanted to look at, but when I tried to download it, the download started, then froze. I waited for a minute or two, no progress. (ADSL router LED not flashing either.) When I tried to disconnect I found that everything had “seized up” and I had to use the old three-fingered salute to clear.

Thinking that it might have been just a gremlin, I tried again about an hour later. Same result.

I then used the same procedure, but with Mozilla Firefox as the browser. No problem.

Something else I’ve noticed lately, when using Google and IE7, is that the “Site (or page) not available” message comes up quite often. I have changed my default browser to Mozilla and will see what happens.
-- DP


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