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New Links Description Learn the truth (?) behind all those email stories, virus warnings, rumours, urban legends etc.
Flags of the World
The CIA World Fact Book A comprehensive source of facts and statistics on
more than 250 countries and other entities.


Keep your English up to scratch
On-line Dictionaries & Thesauri
Bartleby Bartleby - On-line Reference Books
Life Begins At 80 ... On The Internet Eric Shackle's Electronic Book
The Smithsonian Institution
Help with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Web Design Have your own Web Site published
Custom Software Have your software tailor-made
Africam On-site cameras around SA
Around the World  
Robotic Telescope  
Portable Bookmarks Store your bookmarks on the Web
Must be one of the best sources for facts on the net.
Sundry Links Description
Rotary Club of Kimberley What it says
My Supper with Rabbie The Burns Supper Pages


Free Hotmail eMail Boxes

English Pronunciation

Please take note

Central Health

What it says

Animal Diversity

Fun for the Kids
Kimberley South Africa A Kimberley Web Site
Brainbench On-line IT Exams
The Brain (ka) Get Organised (Untried)
Africa4U SA Advertising
Search Engines Description
How to Search the Web A useful tutorial
Search Tutorial ...and another
Africa's fastest Seach Engine
Northern Light aims "to index and classify all human knowledge to a unified consistent standard and make it available to everyone in the world in a single integrated search."
The Google Search Engine


Great search engine
The original
Search SA sites
Another search engine
Web Crawler ...and another
Dogpile ...and another
GOGGA (The SA Press) What's in the SA papers
Encyclopaedia Britannica.
The ultimate subject search?
All 4 One Untried
Web Ferret  
Ask Jeeves For the Curious
Switchboard Find anything (?)
News/Magazines Description
SABC South African Broadcasting Corporation
SABC - 5FM SABC for the young at heart


Top US popular science magazine

Top US geographical magazine

PC Magazine
IT Technology Untried
The Dot Net Magazine

South African Sports Sites Description
Planet Hockey Field Hockey supplies for SA
Supersport Zone M-Web Supersport
Livesport Live Sports Audio on the Internet
SABC Topsport  
Scoreline Keep up to date with latest scores Find out about clubs, products and services
IOL Sport Independent Newspapers
Sunday Times Sport Sport  

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