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For those who are still puzzling over the question of the third common English word ending with "gry" - bad news! It would appear that there is no such thing.

There are in fact a number of rather exotic English words which apply, but not common ones. Apparently - as I have been  subsequently advised - the question originally took the form of a Riddle, which itself contained the answer. Unfortunately, by the time the question was sent to me it had been transformed out of all recognition.

However, in my innocence I had already consulted Eric Shackle in Australia - a journalist and something of a wordsmith. (He is also what in the olden days would have been considered a Pen-Pal but today I would call a "Mouse-Mate" - my own terminology - use it, don't use, as you please).

He referred me to the site of what he calls "an email friend" (sorry Eric, but I still think "Mouse-Mate" has a more alliterative appeal) by the name of Michael Quinion "who publishes an excellent free newsletter". 

For those who are still interested, here is a link to An Answer to the "gry" Riddle

And here is another answer at Anu Garg's FAQ, also courtesy of Eric Shackle.

(By the way and apropos nothing at all, are you aware that the word "gullible" was officially removed from the English language at the start of the new millennium?)

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