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Kimberley is the capital of the Northern Cape Province and is situated almost at the centre of South Africa at an altitude of 1200m [3930 ft]. 

Road distances from the major centers are:-

bulletJohannesburg - 490 km [306 miles]
bulletCape Town - 980 km [613 miles]
bulletPort Elizabeth - 760 km [475 miles]
bulletDurban - 850 km [532 miles]
bulletBloemfontein - 160 km [100 miles]

National roads mostly have 120kph [70mph] speed limits.

There are regular flights to/from Johannesburg ( 1hr 20mins) and Cape Town (2hr 30mins)


According to Kimberley's Integrated Development Plan of March 2000...

The Transitional Local Government of the Kimberley Municipality governs and administers an area of approximately 9040 Ha in extent. The Municipal jurisdiction area consists of 16 wards with an estimated 94 000 voters and a total population of approximately 211 000 inhabitants.


Climate: The Kimberley area experiences a typical continental climate. Summer (December to February) daytime temperatures are an average 32C [90F], dropping at night to around 17C [63F]. Winter (June to August) daytime temperatures average 18C [64F], at night dropping to around 3C [37F]. However, it is not unusual for the summer day-time temperature to reach 38C [100F], and for winter night-time temperatures to drop below freezing. Rainfall averages around 420mm [17in] per year and occurs mainly during the summer months. Rain is almost unknown during the winter months.

For details about the Kimberley weather visit Kimberley Climate.

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